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Basic User Task Flow

Firewall MC provides you with a flexible graphical user environment in which to manage and configure the firewall devices deployed throughout the network. When you first begin to use Firewall MC, however, you might become confused as to where to start. Therefore, it is helpful to understand the basic user task flow involved in using Firewall MC. The following steps illustrate the basic task flow:

  1. Create device groups.

  2. Import/create devices.

  3. Configure building blocks.

  4. Configure device settings.

  5. Configure access and translation rules.

  6. Generate and view the configuration.

  7. Deploy the configuration.


The approval process for configuration changes is disabled by default. If you enable this process (see the “Workflow Setup” section later in the chapter), before you can deploy your changes you will have to follow the approval process for those changes.

Each step is explained in detail in the following sections. Each section is broken down based on the five configuration tabs available in the Firewall MC interface:

  • Device management

  • Configuration tasks

  • Deployment tasks

  • Reports

  • Administration tasks

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