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In this chapter we've seen how even seemingly minor details, like picking a name for something, can have a great impact on the code quality. We've discussed several techniques for choosing names, achieving simplicity, staying focused, and making your code intent-revealing. The benefit to practicing these techiques is code that is simple, understandable, and maintainable.

Sooner or later, someone will read our code. We will ourselves reread our code, sometimes after a long absence. Any readers, including us, will be hindered or thwarted by code that is awkward, complex, obscure, or in the worst case, misleading.

Well-crafted, simple, clear, intent-revealing code will speed us in our work instead. Such code also helps teach readers how to program well. It teaches good solutions to problems, and teaches how to express those solutions succinctly.

Learning to code with this clear intent is well worth any programmer's effort.

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