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This chapter is from the book

NAnt Build

I will use the NAnt master build, simple dll, simple exe, and winform exe templates all taken from Chapter 4. Listing 9.2 shows the master build file.

NAnt 0.8.2 was used for this chapter.

Example 9.2. ASpell.NET's Build Projects File

   <!-- ASpell.Net -->
   <!-- Tests -->
   <!-- Examples -->

Notice that all the example projects are dependent upon the ASpell.NET project. Listing 9.3 shows that after the transform of the project file and building all the subprojects, the setup project is run, and the iso file is created. At this point, the file could be distributed a number of different ways, but Listing 9.3 uses SCP (secure copy) to upload the file to a server.

Example 9.3. ASpell.NET's Master Build File

<project name="Master Build" basedir="." default="build">
   <sysinfo verbose='true'/>

   <!-- General Build Properties -->
   <property name="debug" value="true" />
   <property name="define" value="DEBUG;TRACE" />
   <property name="build.dir" value="C:\book" />
   <property name="refassemblies" value="${build.dir}\refassemblies " />
   <property name="isofile" value="release.iso" />

   <!-- MSI Properties -->
   <property name="product.name" value="ASpell.NET" />
   <property name="company.name" value="OpenSource.NET" />
   <property name="msi.version" value="1.0.2" />
   <property name="msi.guid.product" value="{D9C16B65-BD89-44f5-AEC8-16775D4A3619}" />
   <property name="msi.guid.upgrade" value="{42D979E5-E2E8-45c6-89D4-378353848479}" />
   <!-- Location to output the complete msi -->
   <property name="output.dir" value="${build.dir}\output" />

   <target name='build'>

      <exec program=îNantHelper.exeî commandline=îprojects.xmlî output=îprojects
ccc.gif.txtî basedir=î.î />
   <!-- After applying Helper application transform pass the target to the subprojects -->
   <foreach item='Line' property='filename' in='projects.txt'>
   <nant buildfile='${build.dir}\${filename}.build' target='build' />
   <property name="ProductName" value="${product.name}" />
   <property name="ProductVersion" value="${msi.version}" />
   <property name="Manufacturer" value="${company.name}" />
   <property name="ProductCode" value="${msi.guid.product}" />
   <property name="UpgradeCode" value="${msi.guid.upgrade}" />
   <directory name="D__BINDIRECTORY" foldername="bin" root="TARGETDIR" />
   <component name="C__MainFiles" id="{301CC44C-A3A4-4674-AE04-23D91F156301}"
   ccc.gif attr="2"
   directory="TARGETDIR" feature="F__DefaultFeature">
   <key file="Test.xml" />
   <fileset basedir="${build.dir}">
   <includes name="*.*" />
   <feature name="F__DefaultFeature" title="${product.name} Main Feature"
   ccc.gif display="1" typical="true" directory="TARGETDIR">
   <description>${product.name} core files.</description>
   <mkisofs isofilename='${build.dir}\${isofile}' inputdir='output.dir' />
   <scp file='${build.dir}\${isofile}' server="ReleaseServer" path="~" />

Figure 9-1 is the assurance that the NAnt build, complete with NUnit and NDoc integration, is working.

09fig01.gifFigure 9-1 ASpell.NET's Build Output.

Before continuing any further, we should set up a Source Code Management (SCM) system.

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