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Activity Diagrams

The next step is to look at activity diagrams and process analysis. The first thing you will find out is that your organization most likely already has some process in place (whether you like it or not). Whether or not there are formal guidelines for development, people typically work the same way over and over again. They get into a mode of working so they don't have to think about what comes next. They would rather spend their time working on new things instead of worrying about what is the next step in the process. What you need to do is figure out what your team is currently doing and model it. Then you can find ways to optimize it.

Don't fall into the trap that process engineers run into time and time again: "I am going to develop a new process that will make everyone more productive." In reality, it usually has nothing to do with the team culture or habits, and it hinders more than helps the organization. First, find out what your team is doing and then try to change with little steps of improvement.

Figure 8.3 is an example of an activity flow of a typical CM system.

08fig03.gifFigure 8.3 Sample Activity Diagram

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