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Network Credentials

The only problem with our setup so far is that our admin prompt lacks domain credentials. This may not be a big deal if you're not in a domain, but if you are it's really annoying to be prompted for domain credentials when you're simply trying to administer your local machine. Try to edit an ACL (Item 43) on a file using your admin Explorer window, for example. At some point the GUI will contact the domain asking for a list of users and groups, and you'll be prompted for domain credentials because your local admin account can't be authenticated by the domain. To avoid your fingers falling off from typing your domain, user name, and password over and over, use this nifty trick to impart a set of domain credentials to a local admin command prompt: runas /netonly /u:MyDomain\MyUserAccount cmd. After prompting you for a password, the system creates a new command prompt that has a split personality. On your machine it's running as your local administrator, but on the network it will be authenticated using your domain credentials. Close your old admin command prompt. That was yesterday's news!

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