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Like this article? We recommend

Sony VAIO Type M All-in-One Media PCs

Sony Japan has premiered the new all-in-one media PC line in Japan. Like its cousin the "W," the PC comes in an attractive form factor (see Figure 8), sporting a wide-screen aspect flat monitor and flip-up keyboard, but lacks any kind of serious graphics card options. With its integrated 32MB SiS661FX chipset and hardware-encoding TV tuner card, the Type M is meant more for the general consumer who wants to have computing power combined with a TV, rather than for the hardcore gamer. However, the M does include Sony's new "Multidrive" combo DVD burner, capable of burning dual-layer DVDs as well as the typical DVD+R/+RW DVD-R/-RW DVD-RAM, and a variety of CPU and hard drive configuration options to catch the attention of most prospective buyers.

Figure 8Figure 8

It's also good to point out that Sony has done a topnotch job with its integrated VAIO Media software that gives users a custom interface to control and experience different types of media: keyboard up, thin UI for music playback; keyboard down, TV time (including channel, programming guide, and DVD-burning controls).

Feature highlights:

  • 2.6 GHz Celeron up to 3.06 GHz Mobile Intel Pentium 4

  • 256MB up to 512MB of RAM

  • 120GB up to 200GB storage

  • 15.4-inch widescreen (1280x800) TFT

  • Multidrive DVD burner

  • Flip-up keyboard, swivel screen, integrated subwoofer

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