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Power Checklist

  • A body at rest will stay at rest unless pushed by an outside force. You must push yourself and create positive inertia in your retirement planning.

  • Tackle complex issues by breaking them into smaller tasks.

  • Ask yourself if you need to know how the watch was built or if you just need to know it tells time accurately.

  • Perseverance must be part of your plan; don't accept less than what is required to meet your goal in preparing for your retirement.

  • Just as a mountain climber has the proper equipment, you too need to be sure you have the proper help in achieving your retirement goals. Be honest with yourself and seek help when you need it.

  • Couples should engage in the planning process together and establish a method for resolving differences and managing choices throughout the process.

  • Procrastination with regard to retirement planning may result in your making compromises to your postretirement lifestyle.

  • Time is your friend only if you use it wisely.

  • There is truly no such thing as a stupid question. If you understand a point but not a concept, go back and get comfortable with the concept too.

  • Your need to succeed and the value you gain from that success must be greater than the emotional disappointment of failure, or you'll fail more often than you'll succeed.

  • With regard to your retirement planning, you are well advised to seek perfection and accept reality.

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