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The Search

Two months after Seth Fogie's article ran on Informit, the members who were still running the network were arrested and their computers and all evidence were taken. Knowing that the other members were not far from at least a search warrant, all data was destroyed. No data was erased with a computer; it was either burned or broken. Exactly one month after the arrests of members Phreeze, D00M, and (an unnamed minor), the FBI and CIA, working with Riverside Cyber Crimes unit, took 10 computers, 30 or so books, and a lot of removable media from my residence and questioned me for more than two hours (causing me to miss school). They wrote down nothing, and joked about it the whole time. After taking many of my educational supplies, they assured me that I would have them back in no less than six months.

Seventeen months later now, and still no word. Constant phone calls lead to unprofessional excuses and laziness. I have heard such things as "Your computers were *nix based and we had to call in a specialist," "We have to break the system passwords and cannot access the data right now," and "The data is being copied to different hard drives right now and we will check it shortly." Only six of the ten computers taken were *nix based; one was an Apple and three were Windows XP. I would gladly give the authorities my passwords, which I have told them many times. A direct hard drive copy can be done in less than a day. These complaints may seem vain because I'm a hacker, but hackers have rights, too.

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