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Loading a File

Loading a web page for review in aDesigner is extremely easy. On the File menu are options for loading files from a web site or from a local hard drive. You can type the URL directly into the Open URL dialog box, or use the Open dialog box to browse through any resources you can reach on your own system or a networked drive.

Actually, it doesn't even have to be a web page, in the conventional sense. Any file that you can display on a web site also works. For example, I decided to test some of the pictures displayed on my web site. Figure 1 shows that aDesigner loaded the graphic without problem and tested it for deutan color blindness (insensitivity to green). As you can see, the picture looks quite a bit different with this test. Using a different background might have made a difference.

Figure 1Figure 1 Viewing a picture through someone else's eyes can make a big difference.

I tested aDesigner with a variety of pages, including those generated by ASP and ASP.NET, without any problem. The only resources that don't load are those that you wouldn't view on a web page. In other words, this product won't test your code for errors, unless that code affects the visual presentation of a page in some way. Many programming language products, including Visual Studio .NET, provide resources to check your code while you develop the page. Unfortunately, these products concentrate on the code, rather than the visual presentation, in many cases. Using aDesigner in addition to the features your programming language product provides gives you a more complete picture of accessibility on your web site.

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