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Create an Address Book

One of the best ways to save time when sending and receiving mail is to keep an address book. When you do this, you can avoid errors typing the name, plus you save time. You can use your address book to keep track of just email information or more detailed address and personal information.

The easiest way to add an address is to "pick it up" from an existing message. If you don't have a message from the person you want to add, you can also manually type the address.

Creating an Address Book Entry from an Existing Message

To create an address book entry from an existing message:

  1. Open the message from the person you want to add to your address book.

  2. Right-click the sender's name and then click Add to Address Book. You see the Summary tab with the default name and email address; sometimes they are both the same, so you may want to change the name to the person's actual name.

  3. Figure 3.17Figure 3.17 You can easily add a new contact to your address book.

  4. If needed, click the Name tab. Then type the first and last name in the First and Last fields.

  5. Enter any other information on any of the other tabs.

  6. Click OK.

Typing a New Address Book Entry

To type a new address book entry:

  1. Click the Addresses button.

  2. Click the New button and then click New Contact.

  3. Figure 3.18Figure 3.18 You can manually enter a name and email address for your address book.

  4. Type the first and last name in the First and Last fields.

  5. Click in the E-Mail Addresses field and type the email address.

  6. Enter any other information on any of the other tabs.

  7. Click OK. The entry is added.

Selecting an Address from the Address Book

When you select an address from the address book, you can enter an email address automatically—without making a mistake. To select from the address book:

  1. Click the To button to display the Select Recipients list.

  2. Figure 3.19Figure 3.19 Rather than type an address, you can select it from a list.

  3. Select the person and then click the appropriate button (To, Cc, or Bcc). The person is added to the Message recipients list. You can add as many recipients as needed.

  4. When all the recipients have been added, click OK. The names are listed in the message.

Keep these tips in mind when creating an address book:

  • You can also enter more information. To do so, click any of the tabs for that person's address entry and complete the information. You can change the name, enter home and business address and contact information, and keep personal information, for instance.

  • To edit someone's entry, click Addresses and then double-click that person's name in the Address Book dialog box.

  • Outlook Express automatically adds to your address book any people you reply to. If you want to check that this feature is on or if you'd like to turn it off, click Tools, Options. Click the Send tab and check (turn on) or uncheck (turn off) Automatically Put People I Reply To In My Address Book.

  • Outlook Express displays your Contacts list (from your address book). If you don't see this list, you can display it. To do so, click View, Layout. In the Basic area, check Contacts. (Note you can also choose to hide or display any of the listed areas by checking or unchecking the appropriate check box.) When the Contacts list is displayed, you can double-click any of the listed names to automatically create a new mail message addressed to that person.

Send a Message to Several People

If you need to send messages to the same set of recipients frequently, you can set up a mail group. Then rather than select each person's address when creating a message, you can select the group. The message will be sent to everyone in the group.

To create a mail group, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Addresses button.

  2. Click the New button and then click New Group.

  3. Type a group name.

  4. Figure 3.20Figure 3.20 Use this dialog box to set up a group mailing list.

  5. Click Select Members and then from the list that appears, select each member and click the Select button. When all the names are added, click OK twice to create the group.

  6. Click the Close button to close the Address Book window.

As soon as the group is added, you can click the To button and select the group name from the Select Recipients dialog box.

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