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Your Place

While the vendor-hosted model works for many companies, some technical and legal scenarios demand greater flexibility. With modern networking technology, the location of the computer should be irrelevant. At some point of the day or night, on a 24/7 basis the people managing the computer will be remote from the physical location of the computer. In the Software on Demand model, it's a relatively simple matter to then give the customer the option of choosing the location and type of system. The key to the customer-hosted model, however, is once again standardized hardware and software. In the Oracle @Customer model, that includes modern hardware supporting HP-UX from HP, Solaris from Sun, and AIX from IBM. If the customer chooses equipment that conforms to these standards, it can realize benefits in security, flexibility, and availability similar to those offered by a vendor-hosted solution. In either case— independent of location of the computers—the availability, performance, security problems, change, and availability are managed 24/7. How can this be? The basic service model is designed to be 24/7. This is implemented by locating the people managing the system in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Given this basic design, it can't matter where the computers are located.

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