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Cleaning Up the Instance and Application

When you're finished examining the instance and application created in this chapter, you can use the following steps to remove them from your system. These steps clean up the databases, registry keys, and other settings associated with the instance and application.

  1. Open a Notification Services Command Prompt on your development machine and navigate to the Chapter 3 scripts directory by typing the following command:

  2. cd /d C:\SQL-NS\Chapter03\Scripts
  3. Stop the service.

  4. net stop NS$Chapter03
  5. Close any Query Analyzer windows you still have connected to the instance or application databases.

  6. Run delete.cmd. If you're using SQL Server authentication, you will be prompted for the SQL username and password for the development account you created in Chapter 2. If you're using Windows authentication, you will not be prompted for a username and password. The delete command will ask for confirmation before proceeding[md] enter y to confirm the operation.

  7. Run unregister.cmd.

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