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The downloadable solution contains a new project for the new XML authentication plug-in: AuthenticationPlugin.Plugins.XmlAuthenticator. This new project contains the Plugin class, which implements the IAuthenticationPlugin and defines the IsLoginValid method. The new plug-in searches through an XML file with an XPath to find a user.

Also, the test UI application was modified to demonstrate the use of a custom configuration handler to process a custom configuration section added to the application's configuration file.

Let's review the steps to create a new plug-in:

  • Add a new Class library project to the solution.

  • Build a class in the new project that has the AuthenticationPlugin attribute and implements the IAuthenticationPlugin interface.

To add a new custom configuration section to an application's configuration file:

  • Declare the new configuration section in the configuration file, using the configuration section's key name and the class name of the handler.

  • Build a new handler class that implements the IConfigurationHandler interface.

  • Optionally, build a class that holds the configuration values to be easily obtained by an application.

  • Add code to the application to use the class to process the custom settings.

The next article in this series will introduce two new plug-ins, as well as discuss the configuration of the actual plug-ins themselves.

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