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What Is the BIOS?

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Accessing the BIOS Setup Utility

The BIOS setup utility is only available for a few short seconds when you boot up your computer. If your operating system has already loaded up, you must reboot your computer before you can access the BIOS setup utility.

In motherboards using the AwardBIOS, the BIOS flashes the following message for a few seconds during the booting up process:

Press Del To Enter Setup

When you see that message, quickly press the Del (Delete) key. This halts the booting process and brings up the BIOS setup menu.

Please note that not all BIOS software use the Del key for access to the setup menu. Different BIOS vendors have different trigger keys. Alternatives to the Del key include:

  • Esc (Escape) key

  • F2 key

  • Ctrl-Alt-Esc key combination

Please consult your motherboard manual on the trigger key for your motherboard's BIOS setup utility.

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