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Monster-Mod: How To Wear Your Computer, Part 3

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  1. Choosing the Presentation Software and Hardware
  2. Finishing Touches
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Time and money are running out. Can Cyrus Peikari complete his building of the ideal "wearable PC" in time for his PowerPoint presentation, and without resorting to spending his pocket change?
Editor's Note: Jumping into this article series late? Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series first to get essential background info.
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Like this article? We recommend

Emotions are tense as we suddenly run out of money—and time. Will we make our deadline for building the wearable office? This is going to be close. Very close.

Choosing the Presentation Software and Hardware

With less than a week to go before our deadline, we're beginning to panic. The last item, the PDA PowerPoint presentation kit, is missing. We suddenly realize that we forgot to pay for it! Sometimes on eBay you think you've paid instantly using PayPal, but you haven't. In a cold sweat, we hastily wire the money via PayPal and urge the vendor to hurry shipment if at all possible.

After researching numerous PDA PowerPoint presentation options, we've decided to go with the most expensive: Margi's Presenter-to-Go (see Figure 1).

Figure 1Figure 1 Margi's Presenter-to-Go is the key to ditching our laptop on the road.

The other options appear to have too many user complaints about compatibility and reliability. In contrast, Margi appears to constantly update their software and to respond quickly to customer requests. Features include the following:

  • XGA resolution/color presentations: Clear text and graphics output, including a VGA adapter.

  • PowerPoint integration: Appears as an icon; typically compresses PowerPoint presentations to a fraction of its size.

  • Common Microsoft Windows applications support: Presenter-to-Go generates slides from printable applications such as Word, Excel, Acrobat, etc.

  • Infrared remote control: You can control your PDA slideshow with IR remote control.

  • Display handheld screen: MARGI Mirror software enables handhelds' live screen output to a projector or VGA display.

  • Lightweight and portable: The Presenter-to-Go bundle weighs only a few ounces and is easily stored in a pocket.

In a matter of minutes, we have it installed and set up. The software lets you convert desktop PowerPoint presentations into a format suitable for your iPAQ. It even has a remote controller for the slideshow via an infrared link. With a couple of days to spare, we've made it!

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