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The Portable Keyboard

Many users have completely replaced their desktop and laptop systems with PDAs. The key to making this change is the external, foldable keyboard. For the iPAQ, the one we chose is like a mini docking station. It's the model (Mfr #: FA118A#ABA) from HP itself. It retails for $90, but we found it refurbished on eBay for $49 (which includes a one-year manufacturer's warranty).

This keyboard is worthy of our Monster-mod: When you pull this baby out and click it into place, people will drool with envy. This keyboard is one of the sweetest parts of the entire setup. It comes as a tiny, sleek, lightweight, burnished package the size of a very thin checkbook (see Figure 4). Its clever mechanism keeps unfolding into a well-sized keyboard and, more importantly, a docking station for the iPAQ (see Figure 5).

iPAQ Portable Keyboard (Mfr #: FA118A#ABA): $49

Figure 4Figure 4 The inconspicuous keyboard, shown in collapsed mode.

Figure 5Figure 5 The keyboard with its wings spread in full glory.

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