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Pre-Lab Tasks

  • Build the lab topology as per Figure 1-1 and Figure 1-2.

  • Configure your chosen Frame Relay switch router to provide the necessary data-link control identifiers (DLCIs) as per Figure 1-4 or load the Frame Relay switch configuration from the CD-ROM.

  • Configure the IP addresses on each router as shown in Figure 1-9 and add the loopback addresses (do not configure the Frame Relay or ATM IP addresses yet as you will need to select interface types within the lab beforehand); alternatively, you can load the initial configuration files from the CD-ROM.

  • Configure passwords on all devices for console and vty access to "cisco" if not loading the initial configuration files.

  • If you find yourself running out of time, choose questions that you are confident you can answer correctly. Another approach would be to choose questions with a higher point rating to maximize your potential score.

  • Get into a comfortable and quiet environment where you can focus for the next eight hours.

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