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Section 1.1: Frame Relay Configuration

Q: If I don't configure the PVC between R1-R6, surely it won't be used?

A: You have to make sure that the PVC is not used.

Q: But if it's not configured, surely it won't be used?

A: Use the command show frame relay pvc; if the PVC shows any input packets or output packets, you have not answered the question. You can also use the command show frame map.

Q: It says the routers must use subinterfaces. Can I use point-to-point everywhere?

A: This does not address the question.

Q: Can I use two separate point-to-point subinterfaces from R4 out to individual point-to-point subinterfaces on R1 and R6?

A: If the routers were not on a common subnet you could, but this is not the case.

Q: Can I put a point to multi-point interface on R4 and point-to-point interfaces on R1 and R6?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you want me to configure "broadcast" under my Frame Relay interfaces?

A: You need to determine what type of traffic/protocols will use the Frame Relay network.

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