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It's easy to become overwhelmed by all the formatting choices you have with WordPerfect. You can spice up a plain vanilla document with interesting fonts and font effects. You might even find yourself getting carried away with all the colors you can use.

Unfortunately, there are few hard-and-fast rules for formatting documents. Other than the unspecific rule of thumb to try to avoid too many fonts on a page, you'll be hard pressed to find a good set of guidelines.

Because, as they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words," here are two examples for you. Figure 3.9 illustrates a newsletter where some common mistakes were made:

  • There are too many font changes on the page.

  • The font for the date in the masthead is difficult to read.

  • Bold, italic, and underline are not applied well.

  • The two title fonts are dissimilar.

  • A sans-serif font is used for the body text, and a serif font is used for the headings. It's harder on your eyes to read long passages of text in a san serif font.

  • This list is difficult to read both because the first line is indented and because of the font used.

  • The margins of the newsletter text leave too much white space on each side.

Figure 3.10 shows the same newsletter with some small, vital corrections:

  • The same font is used for both titles and the newsletter text.

  • The masthead font is easy to read and blends well with the title text.

  • A wider font was chosen so the title stretches completely across the line.

  • A serif font is used for the body text whereas a sans serif font was chosen for the headings.

  • The margins for the body text line up with the newsletter masthead.

  • Bold and italic are applied to the headings for subtle emphasis.

Figure 3.9Figure 3.9 This newsletter illustrates common mistakes that are made when applying fonts, font effects, and margin formatting.

Figure 3.10Figure 3.10 This newsletter illustrates ways to correct the problems shown in Figure 3.9.

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