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Navigating Through Drives and Folders

At first, you might choose to save all of your documents in the same folder. When you are just starting out, it's easier to keep everything in one place. However, the more documents you create, the more difficult it becomes to locate the one you want. The "Organizing Files in Folders" section, later in this chapter, covers file management strategies to help you get your files organized.

To create a new folder from within the Open File dialog, first use the drop-down arrow to the right of the Look in box to make sure the correct drive or folder is showing. Then click File, New, Folder. When the icon appears with the words "New Folder" highlighted, type a name for the folder and press the Enter key. If you press the Enter key before typing a new name, simply right-click the words "New Folder," click Rename, type a folder name, and press Enter.

Moving around in the drives or folders on your system is easily done thanks to the tools in the Open File dialog box. Try these techniques to look through the drives and folders:

  • Double-click a folder icon to open the folder and display the list of files and folders in that folder.

  • Click the Go Back One Folder Level button to move up a level in the folder list or to move back to the previous folder.

  • Click the Look in drop-down list arrow and choose another drive (see Figure 3.4).

Figure 3.4Figure 3.4 You can navigate through the drives and folders on your system and on your network in the Open File dialog box.

If you like the way the Windows Explorer looks, you can make the WordPerfect Open File dialog box look just like it. Click the Folders button (refer to Figure 3.4) to split the file list in two. The left side (or pane) has a list of drives and folders. The right side doesn't change. It still has the list of folders and files in the current folder.


When you open a different folder in the Open File dialog box, that folder becomes the new default folder. The next time you open the Open File dialog box, you will see the list of files in that folder. However, when you close WordPerfect and start it again, the list of files reverts back to the folder specified in Tools, Settings, Files as the default document folder.

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