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T-SQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2005

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SQL Server 2005 includes a plethora of new features and tools that can help developers more efficiently and effectively manage data. This article provides a preview of the new features and their use.
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Sql server 2005 includes new Transact-SQL (T-SQL) functionality. The enhancements span the range from an alternative mechanism for transaction isolation to declarative support for hierarchical queries. And statement-level recompilation even improves existing T-SQL applications that were written before 2005.

Improvements to Transact-SQL

Microsoft has continually improved the Transact SQL language and the infrastructure of SQL Server itself. In brief, the improvements include the following:

SNAPSHOT isolation—Additional isolation level that does not use write locks

  • Statement-level recompile—More efficient recompilation of stored procedures

  • Event notifications—Integration of Data Definition Language (DDL) and DML operations with Service Broker

  • Large data types—New data types that deprecate TEXT and IMAGE

  • DDL triggers—Triggers that fire on DDL operations

  • Common Table Expressions—Declarative syntax that makes a reusable expression part of a query

  • Hierarchical queries—Declarative syntax for tree-based queries

  • PIVOT—Declarative syntax aggregations across columns and converting columns to rows

  • APPLY—New JOIN syntax made for use with user-defined functions and XML

  • TOP—Row count based on an expression

  • Transaction abort—TRY/CATCH syntax for handling errors

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