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Enterprise Curl: the Logon Framework

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Learn how to create the framework for a logon component in Curl and how to present that logon to your users. You will also discover the various classes of the logon in Curl and their key features and interfaces.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


To fully understand the development of the logon framework functionality, you need to become familiar with design concepts that work together to create an extensible and configurable architecture, using the object-oriented nature of the Curl language.

We will investigate:

  • How to develop a number of ancestor classes that enable the availability of common functionality throughout similar application components

  • How multiple-inheritance can be used to integrate required features in a descendent class

  • How global application variables can be made available

  • How to package the logon functionality for ease of integration with other modules

  • How to use the factory design concept to ensure that visual enterprise standards are enforced

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