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Introducing NetWare 6 Deployment Manager

Novell has simplified the NetWare installation process by including Deployment Manager (see Figure 3.1). Deployment Manager is used to prepare the network for NetWare 6 installation and review the installation/upgrade options. In addition, Deployment Manager includes tools that are used after the installation to install other NetWare 6 products and validate the installation.

Figure 3.1Figure 3.1 You can use Deployment Manager to prepare for and manage installation and post-installation tasks.

Deployment Manager is included on the NetWare 6 software installation CD-ROM. When it is inserted into a drive on a Windows-based client that has AutoPlay enabled, Deployment Manager launches automatically. As shown in Figure 3.1, the left panel of Deployment Manager includes three primary installation categories: Network Preparation, Installation/Upgrade Options, and Post-Installation Tasks. Any item that is listed with a document icon provides information about the task. For example, Step 4 under Network Preparation describes how NetWare uses a Certificate Authority (CA) and the steps used to determine which server is acting as the CA and how to update that server. Clicking a step that has a red arrow icon next to it starts the Installation Wizard that performs the specified task. The Network Preparation section of Deployment Manager is covered in the next section of this chapter. The information included in much of the Installation/Upgrade Options and Post-Installation Tasks sections of Deployment Manager is discussed later in this chapter. The Migration, NetWare Accelerated Upgrade, and Other Installation Options information under Installation/Upgrade Options is covered in Chapter 4, "Migration and Upgrading."

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