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Writing Lingo Scripts

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Did You Know?

  • You can change the font in the Message panel by selecting text and using the Text Inspector. This is especially useful when you are teaching Lingo and need to show your students the Message panel on a projection screen.

  • Because the Message panel can do math for you using the put command, consider using it rather than launching a separate calculator program. I find it useful for computing data, such as the midpoint between two locations on the screen.

  • You can use the Script Preferences dialog box to change the default font of the Script panel. You can also turn the auto-coloring function on or off. If you turn the auto-coloring function off, you can color in the text manually with the Text Inspector.

  • Handler names can contain some symbols and punctuation marks. You can use a question mark or an exclamation point, for example. You can even have a handler called on !. You can also use symbols in handler names or as variable names.

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