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In this chapter we focused on the Visual Studio.NET database project type. This project type doesn't include any Visual Basic code; rather, it is meant to be used to create, test, run, and manage SQL database scripts, queries, and command files. These scripts and commands allow you to create new database schemas, make changes to existing schemas, and query and update existing database data. These are important, time-saving tools that should be used as much as possible during both the development and deployment phases of a project.

In general, you probably won't bother getting involved with database project scripts and queries unless you're developing, maintaining, and enhancing a real-world database application. Furthermore, as an application programmer, you may be used to leaving the tasks discussed in this chapter to database analysts (DBAs). However, more and more application programmers are assuming many of the tasks traditionally performed by DBAs. Even if that isn't the case in your situation, you may still need to perform many of these tasks for your own private development environment.

Questions and Answers

Q: I see that many of the same or very similar tools exist in both Visual Studio and the SQL Server Enterprise Manager. Which ones should I use?
A: The short answer: whichever one(s) you prefer. For many operations, the tools are the same in either toolset, so you can go with whichever you prefer. However, some operations are easier, or can only be done, with one tool or the other. In all likelihood, if you are a DBA, you will do most of your work from within the SQL Server Enterprise Manager. If you are a programmer, you will most likely want to do as much as possible within the Visual Studio environment. However, if your database is not SQL Server, you will need other tools in order to design or modify your database objects. The Visual Studio tools allow you to browse and query such databases but not to modify them.
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