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A Checklist

Here's a quick checklist to consult when considering how to list your site from the perspective of search engine marketing. (For a print-ready PDF version, click here.)



Research all possible search terms

Use free search tools at sites such as Good Keywords or Overture to find search terms that give you the results you need.

Focus on specific words

Choose terms that are pertinent and specific to your market.

Take advantage of secondary terms

Multiple secondary terms that really reflect your product, service, or market niche may give you better results than one primary search term.

Buy the right position

Work to get your PPC listing within the top three positions at the major search engines. It isn't necessary to be in the first position to attract profitable traffic.

Include search terms in listing titles and descriptions

Make sure that those important terms appear in the title and description you choose for a listing. Keep the message simple, yet packed with benefits.

Check out the competition

How did your competition use the terms you chose? Use their efforts to generate your own ideas.

Avoid superlatives

Listings get rejected if they use words like best, most, cheapest.

Count your characters

PPC search services limit the number of characters in listing titles and descriptions. Cram your selling point into the first few words.

Qualify the visitor

Aim your titles and descriptions to get the niche visitors you really want. Be sure to set up their expectations of what they'll find once they get to your site.

Make your pages relevant

Include your search terms in the targeted web page where the search engine user is directed from your listing. The five-second countdown starts as soon as the visitor arrives!

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