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Writing Titles and Descriptions

After choosing the search terms, your marketing staff needs to write the titles and descriptions for the listings. This is an important step. The search terms must be mentioned in the titles and descriptions of the listings, while at the same time keeping the message simple, yet packed with benefits.

Here are some tips to pass along to the writer(s):

  • Before attempting to write the first copy for your search terms' titles and descriptions, visit Overture and other search engines to check the competition for your terms. Your competition's titles and descriptions for the search terms you chose could be a great help in writing yours.

  • PPC search engines don't accept superlatives. For example, at Overture, you aren't permitted to use words like best, most, least, cheapest—or comparable words that ends in st—in titles and descriptions. If you use them, your listing will be rejected automatically. Google has a similar policy.

  • Overture and other PPC search services limit the number of characters that can be used in the titles and description of listings. But even more important is that the search engines that use your listings can and do cut off the length of the title and description in the search results of their search pages. You should strive to make your selling point in the first few words of the title and description.

  • Focus your titles and descriptions copy to qualify the visitor while setting up expectations for what he or she will find at your site. Entice the user to click your offer.

  • A PPC campaign is not a "'write once and forget it" type of marketing. The titles and descriptions for your PPC listings can and should be changed to reflect changes in your business, product, and/or service—or to improve your click-through rate.

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