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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Table and Column Name Select Lists

TOAD makes it easy to find and work with tables and columns. Figure 3.14 illustrates using the Show Table Select Window button (mouse cursor is pointing to this button). This brings up the Table Name Select window, with a list of available tables for this particular user. If the user has privileges to other schemas, the drop-down list in this window can be changed to the schema owner and those objects will then appear in the select list. Double-clicking on the selected object adds the selected table to the SQL Editor as illustrated in Figure 3.14.

Figure 3.14Figure 3.14Table Name Select list.

Similarly, columns can be added to the SQL Editor by using the Show Column Select Window button. Figure 3.15 illustrates using the Column Name Select window to add the three columns EMPNO, ENAME, and JOB to the SQL being built in the SQL Editor.

Figure 3.15Figure 3.15Column Name Select list.


TOAD will automatically give a column select list if you type or select a valid schema table name followed by a '.'. Wait a second and the column select list will appear as illustrated in Figure 3.16!

Figure 3.16Figure 3.16Automatic column select lists.

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