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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Editing Result-Set Data

TOAD allows you to change the data that appears in the Data tab of the results panel. The data columns being selected must include the ROWID column as well. Another way to select data from an object for update is by using edit <object name> syntax.

Figure 3.37 shows rows from the EMP table, demoting the manager Jones to a clerk and promoting the clerk Smith to manager.

To save the data changes, click the Commit button on the top toolbar (see mouse cursor in Figure 3.37).

Figure 3.37Figure 3.37Changing data values in the results panel.


Make sure you exit the column you have edited before committing the data.

You can also sort the data in the data grid by simply clicking on the columns and making your sort-order selections.

TOAD allows you to view all the data for a particular row. Click on the button that looks like a book, and the current row in the data grid will appear in a pop-up box. Figure 3.38 shows the data in the pop-up. Notice the mouse cursor is pointing to the icon that makes the pop-up appear. Also notice that this data is for the first row in the data grid because it is marked as the current row.

Figure 3.38Figure 3.38Viewing and changing single-row data values in the results panel.

Character, blob/long raw, and date fields all have a memo editor that can help visualize ad change the data in the field. Right-mouse click and select Memo Editor from the popup menu. This capability will continue to be enhanced in future releases of TOAD.

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