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Installation Overview

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This chapter is from the book

Terms you'll need to understand:

  • New server installation

  • In-place migration

  • Across-the-wire migration

  • Deployment Manager

  • Certificate Authority (CA)

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption

  • Clear text

  • Directory schema

  • Express installation

  • Custom installation

  • Platform Support Module (PSM)

  • HotPlug Support Module

Techniques you'll need to master:

  • Identifying NetWare 6 prerequisite requirements

  • Preparing your existing network for NetWare 6

  • Preparing your designated computer for NetWare 6

  • Installing NetWare 6

This chapter addresses the prerequisites, steps, and options involved in installing NetWare 6. To simplify that process, Novell includes Deployment Manager, which you use to prepare the network for NetWare 6 installation, review the installation/upgrade options, install other NetWare 6 products, and validate the installation.

Reviewing NetWare 6 Prerequisites

Before you install NetWare 6, the network and computer hardware must meet certain requirements. To make sure that the system is prepared for the installation, you must complete three tasks:

  • Ensure that the server system meets the hardware requirements.

  • Ensure that the required software and settings are available.

  • Ensure that the existing network configuration is sufficient for the installation.

It is imperative that the prerequisite tasks be completed to ensure a successful installation. As you'll learn later in this chapter, NetWare 6 is more demanding than previous versions of NetWare and offers many new features. The new features require significant hardware and software resources, which is why you must ensure that the server meets the minimum requirements for NetWare 6. If the server does not meet the requirements, the operating system will not run. If you are installing a new network and beginning with NetWare 6 servers, some of the preparation steps are not necessary. However, the new NetWare features require that existing servers be updated to accommodate new network objects and object settings. If they are not updated, the existing servers will not be able to work with the NetWare 6 server.

Ensuring the Minimum Requirements and Configurations for NetWare 6 Server Hardware

In addition to discussing the minimum hardware configuration requirements for NetWare 6, this section covers the recommended and maximum supported hardware configurations. For the purpose of Test 050-676, "Upgrading to NetWare 6," and the very rare circumstances in which additional hardware is not available, the following list defines the minimum hardware requirements for NetWare 6:

  • Processor—Intel Pentium II or AMD K7

  • Memory—256MB

  • Video—Super Video Graphics Adapter (SVGA)

  • DOS partition—400MB total (200MB for system files and 200MB free space)

  • Available for non-DOS partition—2GB for the SYS: volume

  • Network cards— 1

  • CD-ROM drive— 1

  • Mouse—Recommended


There is some disagreement as to the amount of free space required for the DOS partition. The online documentation indicates that a total of 400MB is required, whereas the courseware indicates that only 200MB is required. For the exam, you should use 200MB as the required minimum.

Although a server that just meets the minimum hardware requirements is sure to function, it will by no means be an efficient services provider. In fact, if additional features such as iPrint or NetStorage will be installed, the minimum configuration is not sufficient. The following list defines the least powerful hardware configuration recommended by Novell:

  • Processor—Intel Pentium III, 700MHz or higher

  • Memory—512MB

  • DOS partition—1GB (this will more than cover the recommended 200MB + 512MB for a core memory dump)

  • Non-DOS partition—4GB

  • Network cards— 2

  • CD-ROM—1 bootable that uses the El Torito standard

  • Mouse—1

For those with unlimited budgets and those who like to dream, the following list outlines the maximum supported hardware configuration for a single NetWare 6 server:

  • Processors—Up to 32 per server

  • Memory—Up to 64GB

  • Disk space—A single volume of up to 8TB (terabytes; 1TB is 1,099,511,627,776 bytes, or 240)

Table 3.1 summarizes the minimum, recommended, and maximum server hardware configurations for NetWare 6.

Table 3.1 NetWare 6 Server Hardware Configurations






Intel Pentium II or AMD K7

Intel Pentium III 700MHz+

Up to 32 per server




Up to 64GB

Hard disk space

200MB DOS, 2GB SYS: volume 4GB SYS: volume

1GB (or 200MB + memory size in free space),

Up to 8TB per volume

Network board(s)




Other components

SVGA video, CD-ROM drive, keyboard

Minimum configuration + bootable CD-ROM drive, mouse


Meeting Software Requirements for Installing NetWare 6

The software requirements for installing NetWare 6 are not limited to the NetWare 6 CD-ROM but also include the License/Cryptography disk. A specific system installation might have additional software requirements, depending on the type of installation being performed:

  • If the installation is to be performed over a network, the NetWare Client software is required.

  • If the installation is performed directly on the server but the server cannot be booted from a CD-ROM, DOS drivers are required to access the installation CD.

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