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SQL and Data

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Lab 1.3 Exercises

1.3.1 Understand the Schema Diagram and Identify Table Relationships

  1. What does the Student schema diagram represent?

  2. Does the Student schema diagram tell you where a student lives? Explain.

  3. What four columns are common to all tables in the Student schema diagram?

  4. What is the primary key of the course table?

  5. How many primary keys does the enrollment table have? Name the column(s).

  6. How many foreign keys does the section table have?

  7. Will a foreign key column in a table accept any data value? Explain using the STUDENT and ZIPCODE tables.

  8. If the relationship between the zipcode and student tables were optional, what would have to change in the student table?

  9. From what domain of values (what column in what table) do you think the prerequisite column of the course table gets its values?

  10. Explain the relationship(s) the enrollment table has to other table(s).

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