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Unit 1.2 Exercise Answers

  1. What is the main factor that determines whether an application will be deployed on an intranet or the Internet?

    Answer: The audience for the application determines where it will be deployed. If you want to limit access to users within an organization, use an intranet.

  2. Why is a Web interface becoming the accepted standard for applications?

    Answer: Web applications are relatively easy to build and deploy through leveraging existing skill sets within the business. Users are familiar with the interface, and only need a browser, which is installed on most computers already.

  3. Does a PL/SQL programmer work on an application's front-end or back-end?

    Answer: Both. A PL/SQL programmer can write programs that manipulate data within the database, behind the scenes. A PL/SQL programmer can also write programs that generate dynamic Web pages for the user.

  4. Describe some advantages of using PL/SQL for Web applications.


    Speed—PL/SQL is stored in the database, so multiple back-and-forth trips to the database are avoided.

    Security—PL/SQL programs are database objects and are protected by Oracle's database security.

    Integration—You can use Oracle for the entire application, from front-end to back-end.

    Flexibility—You can apply existing PL/SQL skills to front-end work or back-end data processing.

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