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Windows CE Development

If you're new to Windows CE/Pocket PC application development, you'll be interested to learn that Microsoft also supplies a subset of the ADO APIs for that mobile platform. ADOCE Version 3.0 is included with Pocket PC 2002 and includes the "primary" ADO objects, such as Connection, Recordset, and Field. ADOCE is supported on handheld PC Professional Edition 3.0 devices, as well as Palm-size PC 1.2 and Pocket PC 3.0 devices. SQL Anywhere Studio 8 includes an OLEDB provider for Adaptive Server Anywhere for Windows CE (contained in the following files: dboledb8.dll, dboledba8.dll, and dblgen8.dll). ASA supports ODBC, OLE DB, and Embedded SQL clients on Windows CE, but much of the additional ASA functionality (such as Interactive SQL, external stored procedures, and Java in the database) is not supported.

Developers who are familiar and comfortable with the Visual Basic programming language have two options for developing in VB for handheld devices. The first is to make use of the eMbedded Visual Basic 3.0 toolkit, which is freely downloadable from Microsoft. The eMbedded Visual Tools 3.0 installation also includes eMbedded Visual C++, SDKs, and emulators for all the Microsoft mobile platforms.

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