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Summary of BSCN Router Commands

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This document is an addendum to Appendix D, "Summary of BSCN Router Commands," in "Building Scalable Cisco Networks" from Cisco Press. This material supplements the online chapter, "Configuring IS-IS Protocol," which has been made available to you on the Cisco Press website in accordance with the latest Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI) objectives.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Table D-9 covers IS-IS IP configuration commands.

Table D-9 IP Configuration Commands



router isis

Defines Integrated IS-IS as an IP routing protocol and enters configuration mode for that protocol.


Assigns a NET to the router to identify it for IS-IS.

ip router isis

Enables interfaces that are to use IS-IS to distribute their IP information.


Defines which IS-IS level (level-1 | level-1-2 | level-2-only) a router will operate as.

isis priority

Changes the IS-IS router priority on the interface to influence the DR election.

isis circuit-type

Defines which level of IS-IS adjacency (level-1 | level-1-2 | level-2-only) will be established over an interface.

isis metric

Defines the IS-IS metric to be used on an interface. The default is 10.

Table D-10 covers CLNS configuration commands.

Table D-10 CLNS Configuration Commands



clns routing

Enables routing of CLNS packets

clns host

Defines a static host name to CLNS address mapping

Table D-11 covers general IS-IS and CLNS commands.

Table D-11 General IS-IS and CLNS Commands



show clns route

Displays all the CLNS destinations to which this router knows how to route packets.

show isis topology

Displays a list of the paths to all connected IS-IS routers.

show isis route

Displays the IS-IS Level 1 forwarding table for IS-IS–learned routes.


Displays which next-hop IS-IS router will be used to get to a destination.

show clns neighbors

Displays the neighbor ISs—that is, the routers with which this router has IS-IS adjacencies. ES neighbors, if there are any, are also displayed.

show clns

Displays general information about the CLNS network.

show clns protocol

Displays information for the specific IS-IS processes in the router.

show clns interface

Displays CLNS-specific information about interfaces running IS-IS.

show clns is-neighbors

Displays IS-IS–related information for IS-IS router adjacencies.

show isis database

Displays the contents of the IS-IS link-state database.

clear isis

Forces IS-IS to refresh its link-state database and recalculate all routes.

show isis spf-log

Displays how often and why the router has run a full SPF calculation.

debug isis adj-packets

Displays IS-IS adjacency-related packets.

debug isis update-packets

Displays IS-IS update-related packets.

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