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Types of Built-in Functions

SQL Server supports numerous built-in functions. Some of these are specific to a particular set of functionality. For instance, rowset functions can be used only with full-text search, XML strings, or linked servers. Similarly, math functions (not surprisingly) are helpful mainly in applications that have to perform mathematical calculations.

Other functions can be used in a variety of situations. Following is a list of function types that should contain almost every supported built-in function:

  • Aggregate (SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, and so on)

  • System (CURRENT_USER, HOST_ID, ISNULL, NULLIF, and so on)

  • System Statistical (@@CONNECTIONS, @@CPU_BUSY, and so on)

  • Metadata (COL_NAME, DB_ID, DB_NAME, and so on)

  • Configuration (@@DATEFIRST, @@LANGUAGE, and so on)

  • Date (GETDATE, DATEADD, and so on)

  • Math (COS, TAN, SQUARE, and so on)

  • Text (PATINDEX, TEXTPTR, and so on)

  • String (SUBSTRING, LEFT, CHARINDEX, and so on)

  • Rowset (OPENQUERY, OPENXML, CONTAINS, and so on)

  • Cursor (@@CURSOR_ROWS, @@FETCH_STATUS, and so on)

  • Security (HAS_DBACCESS, SUSER_NAME, and so on)

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