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Pulling Information via Drag-and-Drop

If you have a huge screen or are running your monitor at a high screen resolution, you can use the drag-and-drop method to transfer information that has previously been saved from any open document window to another. For this purpose, you can keep the windows of the applications you use open to a decent size—each in a separate corner of your screen (it doesn't matter if they overlap slightly, as long as the drop area is visible). Next, press and hold Ctrl and select the information you want to share, and then drag and drop it into the window of the destination document. (As you drag the selection, a small square with a plus sign appears next to your mouse pointer to indicate that a copy operation is in progress.) As a rule, you can drag anything you can place in the clipboard (Windows) or general purpose buffer (Linux/Solaris) to another window and drop into place. The final outcome is the same as if you had used the familiar copy-and-paste method.


If you press and hold the Ctrl+Shift key combination before selecting the object and then drag and drop it into the destination document, StarOffice creates a link to the selected object; press Alt+Shift, and you end up moving the information.


When you use the same shortcuts to transfer information from Microsoft Word to a StarOffice application, StarOffice creates an OLE object.

By default, objects appear at the current cursor position if the destination document were active.

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