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Type is a huge subject, and we've really covered only the tip of the iceberg here. As I've mentioned, some people spend their entire careers focused on the creation and use of typography.

For those of you new to the subject, I hope your creativity has been stimulated by the information and exercises in this hour. And those of you who have ample experience with type should feel confident that setting type in LiveMotion is quick, easy, and sophisticated.

As you wrap up this hour, you have a strong grasp of how objects are created, imported, and manipulated in LiveMotion. The next couple of hours will be dedicated to helping you combine and group objects, as well as use object layers to gain greater control over your creations.

In later hours, you'll get a chance to apply color, texture, and various effects to type as well as other objects within LiveMotion. Upcoming hours will provide much more detail and plenty of fun.

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