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Tracking Type

LiveMotion is sophisticated in that it allows you to make adjustments to your type that are usually reserved for high-end typesetting programs such as Adobe Illustrator. The Tracking option allows you to change the distributed spacing between letters.

Task: Tracking Type

To track type in LiveMotion, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new canvas for the exercise.

  2. Select the Type tool from the toolbox and click on the canvas.

  3. Choose your font by selecting it from the drop-down menu in the Properties palette.

  4. Set a size in points using the Size text box.

  5. Set the style of your choice.

  6. In the Tracking text box, enter a numeric value. To add space between letters, use a higher value. To reduce space between letters, use a lower value.

Figure 3.19 shows normal tracking, tracking set to 40, and tracking set to-10.

Figure 3.19 Three tracking values: normal, positive, and negative.


You can use negative values to set the letter spacing below the font's default, which is 0.

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