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Sizing Type

The size of your type depends largely on what its purpose is. LiveMotion sets type in points. The default type size is 18 points. You can easily modify this size using the Type tool and Properties palette.

Task: Changing the Type Size

To change your type size, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Type tool and click on the canvas.

  2. Set your font from the drop-down menu in the Properties palette.

  3. Use the Size text box to type the size, in points, of the text you want; or use the up arrow to increase the size, and the down arrow to decrease the type's size.

Your type is sized according to your specifications.


Because LiveMotion is vector-based, you can cleanly modify the size of type by dragging anchor points to enlarge the type or make it smaller. To retain proportion, hold the Shift key down while dragging. For greater precision, however, I recommend setting type to the point size you really need.

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