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Use the following activities to help you solidify your knowledge of type design:

  1. Open LiveMotion, create a canvas, and set type using the Properties palette. Cruise the menu of fonts. Randomly choose a font and determine which category it fits into.

  2. Consider that you are designing headers for a Web site. The client is a rock-and-roll band. The goal is to create a great-looking page that expresses energy and dynamic movement. Choose several fonts from your collection that you might use on this page.

  3. Suppose that instead of a rock-and-roll band, your Web-site client is a classical quartet. Which typefaces will you choose for this design? How do they differ from the ones you chose in the preceding exercise?

  4. Create a typographic logo with your name that expresses your personality. Combine type where appropriate to convey your dominant features: warmth, enthusiasm, shyness, and so forth.

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