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Adding an XML Schema to Your Project

When you create a new project or add items to an existing project, you are taking advantage of a template wizard that ships with .NET. This wizard reads existing template files and fills in the blanks. One such template is the XML Schema template (see Figure 1). The Schema template adds an XML file with an .xsd extension to your project (an .xsd file is the convention used for XML Schema files, and XML Schemas are associated with the infamous XSD acronym you have heard about).

Figure 1Figure 1 Select the XML Schema template from the Add New Item dialog box to add an XML Schema to your project.

To add an XML Schema to your project, select File, Add New Item, and pick the XML Schema template applet (refer to Figure 1). Provide a good name for the .xsd file and click OK.

When you are ready to begin defining your Schema, pick the .xsd file from the Solution Explorer. Opening the .xsd file in Visual Studio .NET will open the file in the Xml Schema Designer and will affect modest changes to the IDE itself.

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