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Converting Documents on Open

It's no secret that a substantial chunk of the word processing users on the planet use Microsoft Word. Although that might change now that the Department of Justice has ruled against Microsoft, in the short term, you are likely to share documents with Word users. Thankfully, WordPerfect 10 has developed the most comprehensive set of conversion filters available for Microsoft Word documents.

You might also be surprised at how many WordPerfect users are still using older versions of the program. Some companies are resistant to change, and others are limited by the computing power of their systems. Thousands, if not millions, of local government employees are quite happily using WordPerfect 7 and 8.

Thank goodness for WordPerfect's built-in file conversion feature that enables you to open nearly every kind of word processing document. All you have to do is open the file and let WordPerfect's conversion filters do all the work. Bear in mind that if your copy of WordPerfect was free with an HP, Dell, or Sony computer, you might not have the full-blown set of filters found in the Standard, Professional, or Academic version of the Corel WordPerfect Office 2002 suite.


You don't need to worry about converting your WordPerfect files from an earlier version when you upgrade to WordPerfect 10. The file format for WordPerfect files hasn't changed since version 6.0.

When you save a converted document, WordPerfect asks whether you want to save it in the latest WordPerfect format (WordPerfect 6/7/8/9/10) or in the original format from which it was converted. If you are returning the document to someone who isn't using WordPerfect, select the original format and click OK.

If you get an "Invalid format" error message when you try to open a file in a different format, you might need to install additional conversion filters. The complete set of filters is not installed with the suite, due to space considerations. The Family Pack and Productivity Pack versions install everything by default.

To install additional conversion filters:

  1. Insert the CD in the drive.

  2. When the Setup program starts, click Custom Setup.

  3. Move past the options until you get to Conversion Filters; place a check mark in the box.

  4. Click Next until the install starts.

When the install is finished, the new filters are integrated into WordPerfect, and they are now ready to use.

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