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Testing the Game

It's safe to congratulate yourself at this point because you've now worked through the design and development of the Meteor Defense game, and you can now bask in the glory of playing the game. Granted, playing a game for the first time is certainly more of a test than it is a true playing experience, but in this case I can vouch that the game works pretty well. Figure 19.2 shows the game at the start, with a couple of meteors hurtling toward cities.

Figure 19.2Figure 19.2 The Meteor Defense game gets started with a couple of meteors hurtling at the cities.

Saving the cities from the meteors involves targeting the meteors and blasting them with missiles. When you successfully blast a meteor, you'll see an explosion as the missile and meteor both are destroyed (see Figure 19.3)

Figure 19.3Figure 19.3 Successfully destroying a meteor results in an explosion being displayed.

When the game progresses as more meteors fall, you'll eventually start losing cities to the meteors. Figure 19.4 shows an example of how the meteors can begin to overwhelm you late in the game.

Figure 19.4Figure 19.4 As the game progresses, you tend to lose cities as the meteors start to overwhelm you.

When you finally lose all four cities to the meteors, the game ends. Figure 19.5 shows the end of the game, which involves displaying the game over image on the screen on top of the other game graphics.

Figure 19.5Figure 19.5 When all four cities are destroyed, the game ends and the game over image is displayed.

Although it's sad to think that you've ultimately failed to save the cities in the Meteor Defense game, you can sleep well knowing that you can always right-click the mouse to start over and take another stab at it.

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