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This chapter is from the book


This workshop tests whether you understand all the concepts you learned in this hour. It is very helpful to know and understand the answers before starting the next hour's lesson.


  1. What is the main problem with integration?

    1. The number of components makes it difficult.

    2. There are no real tools to ease the pain.

    3. The task is mostly manual, which slows development down.

    4. Conflicts occur between components developed by team members.

  2. What XP practices support integration?

    1. Pair Programming, refactoring, collective ownership, testing, and coding standards.

    2. Pair Programming, on-site customer, collective ownership, testing, and coding standards.

    3. Pair Programming, collective ownership, and testing.

    4. All other practices support it

  3. How do we define a good build?

    1. Passes the customer's acceptance tests.

    2. Compiles and links without error.

    3. The build passes a verification or smoke test.

    4. Source code is checked in and passes unit tests.

  4. Why is a build important?

    1. It's the heartbeat of development and is the best measure of the state of the system.

    2. Enables the customer to know work is being done

    3. Helps to keep the team focused on shipping the product.

    4. Assures the system quality by passing tests.


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  4. a., c.


  1. Write a build script that extracts the latest source from your repository and builds on a clean machine.

  2. Download CruiseControl, install it, and begin to experiment with automating your build from Activity 1.

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