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What Is ActionScript Good For?

Here's some of what you can do using ActionScript:

  • Create multiplayer games.

  • Create engaging, user-aware navigation.

  • Send data to middleware, like PHP and Cold Fusion.

  • Create and parse XML objects.

  • Allow for a more responsive Web site.

  • Make your site more accessible to readers.

  • Make your site more international in scope (Flash MX supports Unicode).

  • Communicate with JavaScript.

  • About a billion other things. You'll see.

What ActionScript Can't Do

  • ActionScript can't talk directly to a database—you'll still need to use middleware, like PHP, Cold Fusion, or ASP, to do that.

  • ActionScript can't access the Window or Document objects that JavaScript can.

  • You can't use exception handling with try, throw, or catch.

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