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Quiz Answers

  1. You can use the SSLPassPhraseDialog method to point to a program that will provide the pass phrase. The program should make the appropriate checks to make sure that it reveals the pass phrase only to Apache.

  2. Additionally, you could simply remove the password protection from the file containing the key, as described earlier in the hour. This has severe security implications, but it can be very convenient.

    # openssl s_client -connect http://www.ibm.com:443

    You will see information related to the connection, certificates, ciphers, and so on. Then you can type

    GET / HTTP/1.0

    to get the contents of the index HTML page, similar to the way you learned in Hour 2, "Understanding Apache Internals," with telnet.

  3. You can configure many aspects of the connection, as explained in the documentation.

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