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Oh, boy! Workshop time! Here's a brief quiz to help you make the most out of this hour's lesson, as well as activities for you to try on your own.


  1. Subjective means what?

    1. The way someone sees an issue

    2. The cold hard facts

    3. The world according to Garp

    4. The truth of the matter

  2. True or false: SOAP notes always lead to a conclusion the first time.

  3. A piece of subjective data should be _________.

    1. ignored

    2. collated

    3. divided

    4. investigated

  4. Which of the following is not an example of a piece of objective data?

    1. How a user perceives a problem

    2. A measurement

    3. The number of users involved

    4. The timing of a problem

  5. Analysis is usually the process of thinking about what?

    1. The cold, hard light of reason

    2. Reasonable subjective data

    3. Objective data only

    4. Subjective data plus objective data

  6. True or false: Gathering more data is a common plan.

Answers to Quiz Questions

  1. A

  2. False

  3. D

  4. A

  5. D

  6. True


  1. The next time you're reading the news, surfing slashdot.com, or even listening to your children complain, think very carefully about what portion of what you are taking in is subjective versus objective. You will be amazed at how much of the mainstream news media wraps subjectivity around very few objective facts.

  2. See if you can find references to SOAP on medically-oriented Web sites.

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