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Building an E-Portal from Scratch

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In the last of four articles on e-portals, e-business consultant Michelle Johnston looks at how to build an e-portal from scratch.


This article demonstrates how to build your own e-portal from scratch. Most of it will be based on an e-portal I've created specifically for this article. You can see the main part of the e-portal by clicking here.


For this exercise, I've written the e-portal with next to no security so that you can more clearly see how the e-portal works. In the URL for the link above, you can see the parameters that are passed into the e-portal, which help to determine the view the user sees. The userid setting determines the view of the e-portal; the fontsize and fontface parameters dictate the font size and face in which the e-portal is displayed.

Before using the e-portal for the rest of this article, please register by clicking here, so that the changes you make don't interfere with those of other people reading this article. (I guarantee your information will not be used for any other purpose!) From that point onward, use http://mishj.brinkster.net/intranet/fclogin.asp to log in.

When you sign up you'll be taken to an email registration page (easy.com), and that will be your primary email address—the address requested at the bottom of the portal registration page can be any secondary address.

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