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Can You Trust Yourself?

Character is defined by what you do when you know no one would ever find out. As a network administrator, it is incredibly, undeniably easy to do whatever you'd like to anything you'd like, whenever you'd like—on the network, that is.

Want to know how much your boss makes? Click, click: no problem. Want to see the retirement plan of the CEO? Click, click: no problem. Want to read the email of that good-looking receptionist? Click, click: again, no problem.

I have had lengthy heated arguments with admins who feel they are entitled to Full Control permissions on every piece of data within their organization. These admins believe they are entitled to access anything they'd like. Wrong...that's called being above the law, a bit different than autonomy.

Like most things in life, just because you can doesn't mean you should. There is a certain level of trust that goes with being a network admin. I'd venture that management in most companies do not realize the level of power a network admin can wield.

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