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Key MDX Components: Drilling Through to Details

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Explore the drillthrough capabilities that debut in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services. Join Bill Pearson in a hands-on tutorial that examines drillthrough from both user and design perspectives, and discover how to see "what lies beneath" the OLAP cube's summary totals.
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About the Series

This is an independent tutorial article of a series, "Introduction to MDX." As discussed in the first article, "Basic Concepts and Navigation," the primary focus of this series is the creation of basic MDX expressions and queries for use with multidimensional data sources. The lessons in the series continually add more features to our progressively growing familiarity with MDX, allowing us to use the MDX language in a variety of scenarios designed to meet specific real-world needs.

The articles of the series are intended to serve as stand-alone lessons: Although they build upon the concepts of the articles that precede them, except where noted, each lesson will be based upon objects and steps created within it that are independent of the steps taken in earlier sessions. For more information on the series, as well as the hardware/software requirements to prepare for the tutorials we will undertake, please see my initial article, "Basic Concepts and Navigation."

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